Biskupin ( 13 km) :


Biskupin-a settlement from he turn of the Bronze Age and the Early Iron Age (750 – 600 BC.) Biskupin is one of the best known archaeological reserves in Central Europe. Each year thousands of people come here, especially during the largest archaeological festival in Europe, performed every year during the third week of September. It becomes then a centre of experimental archaeology, education and above all - fun .



Wenecja ( 15 km ) :


The Narrow-Gauge Railway Museum The Wenecja museum is one of the largest museums of 600mm gauge railway. One can find here several dozens of exceptional exhibits including among others 17 historic steam locomotives.



Gniezno ( 17 km ) :


  • The most important place on a historic route 'Szlak Piastowski'.
  • The first capital of Poland.
  • The Museum of the Polish State Origins.
  • The Cathedral of Royal Coronations, which was a place of many significant historical events.
  • * These historical facts make its position in Polish history similar to Canterbury or Rheims.



Rogowo ( 8 km ) :


„Zaurolandia” - a place that will realize your dream of travelling in time. The biggest dinosaurs' park in Poland.

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