About Us:



Exotic birds, a lush, green garden,

murmuring water cascades,

wild lakes, splendid forests...

Welcome to 'The Birds Garden'!



Mięcierzyn is a small village situated on a historical route 'Szlak Piastowski' about 14 km from Gniezno. A place perfect for woodland walking, fishing in the nearby lakes, observing forest animals and listening to the singing of birds.


Agricultural Farm 'The Birds Garden' is situated in a site full of greenery, rock gardens, aviaries with exotic birds and charming ponds.


Birds are our biggest passion. They became an inspiration to create a place where people like us, adoring nature, could admire it and relax in its presence.


It all began in 1996. That was the exact time when we came up with an idea to create a garden where we could combine these two desires.


Planting trees and shrubs was our first step. Then rock gardens and small ponds appeared and after a while the garden started to live its own life. In the next step we built guestrooms, a barbecue place and a ballroom which waites longingly for parties till the break of dawn.


As we had become able to have guests, provide them with accomodation and delicious food, we started to develop birds breeding and we also succeeded in it!. 'The Birds Garden' finally sounded with hundreds of exotic voices and amazing melodies. Nowadays there are tens of bird species from all over world: Cutthroat Finch (Amadina fasciata), Double-barred Finch (Stizoptera bichenovii), Painted Firetail (Emblema picta), Red-browed Firetail (Aegintha temporalis), Tanimbar Parrot Finch (Amblynura tricolor), Blue-faced Parrot Finch (Amblynura trichroa), Rotschilds Mynah (Leucopsar rothschildi). These last ones are our greatest pride and we are particularly happy to have them in our garden.

We might praise this place endlessly, but it seems pointless. It only remains for us to invite You to visit 'The Birds Garden', so that You find out Yourself.

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